The Matrix

The Matrix ★★★★★

The matrix is everywhere. It is all around us even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television.

My first time watching and I'm so happy that this movie still holds up so amazingly well.. I don't think at this point I should talk about what movie is about... Released in 1999 at the precipice of online culture and the rise of the internet, the film anticipated a lot about our current lifestyle in 2021. I adored the philosophy about waking up to the "real world" and fighting against a malevolent infrastructure has been rooted into current concepts such as fake news. In a way for me "take the red pill" has become an anti-corporate metaphor. Sure there are some strange anomalies and the occasional arguable plot-hole, but overall, for a complicated scenario, things are pretty tight story wise and the film noir feel adds to the aesthetics. The way this film asks the audience the question about "what's real and what's not" Is pretty exciting. The scenes b/w Neo (played sincerely by Keanu Reeves) and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) were so so well written. Also Carrie Ann moss absolutely killed it in this film with her skills...I loved how the directors added the ideology of Buddhism, Christianity, and a dollop of Descartes to the mix, then top it off with a staggering visual style which is really admirable. Also one thing I learned from the rules of the matrix is to wear cool jackets and sunglasses. 😜 Also though very different genre and film I'm sure Keanu was casted on the basis of what he did in Speed.. Even though he carried Speed on his shoulder he did with his charming personality and executed stunt choreography with finesse and he did even better in Matrix. If there’s a performance really worth talking about it’s Hugo Weaving’s portrayal of Agent Smith, the leader of the mysterious men in black.His threats are delivered as if they were assignments, but Smith backs them up with superhuman strength and a tricky habit of sidestepping bullets when they’re in midair. So overall I've to say The plot is incredible and it’s an unbelievably original film and the script is excellent, also the ending gave me the chills. It’s deep, smart, dramatic and has incredible action scenes and changed movies forever with concepts like bullet time (which I already knew before watching film) . Truly brilliant, compelling, smart and entertaining stuff. Kudos to The Wachowskis for pulling something like this.. Green never looked so beautiful like in this film. 💚 can't wait to see the other two films now.

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