Suicide Squad ★★★

On rewatch I actually don't hate this? Maybe being stuck out at the Drive-in I saw this at for hours after our car broke down hurt my enjoyment of the film the first time around. It's unfortunate that the biggest issue with Suicide Squad is the editing which surprise was done by a fucking trailer company because Warner Bros was scared about their movie not being fun enough. Why not leave Ayers cut alone instead of trying to make this into a poor mans Guardians of the Galaxy? Filled to the brink with popular songs ranging from House of the Rising Sun all the way to Eminem’s Without Me the amount of needle drops here is insane and they definitely weren't all meant to be here originally. Just watch first trailer for the film and it's pretty obvious that the tone was changed to match the the second trailer that had the queen song. Still much like 2018's Venom this manages to get by for the fact that it honestly is a lot of fun and I'd much rather revisit this than a lot of drab and dull comic book movies that get a lot of praise. Unlike Josstice League this still manages to feel like a David Ayer movie despite all the interference and I dig him doing the whole men on a mission style that he already did so well in Fury. I'd love to see Ayers cut of Suicide Squad and considering he's confirmed on Twitter that it's almost complete except for some visual effects there's absolutely no reason not to #ReleaseTheAyerCut.

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