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  • The Manor


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  • Alison's Birthday

    Alison's Birthday


    now this is the horror movie boyfriend that we actually deserve!! he doesn’t gaslight, actively respects and shows up for his girlfriend, consults mystical lesbian occultists when he needs help, drives a floral golf cart, and always wears a titty shirt?? 10/10

  • The Manor

    The Manor

    -a movie about ageism done well
    -Barbara Hershey is an immortal babe 
    -solid intergenerational relationship 
    -actors over 70 styled well and written well!!!
    -wicker man undertones 

    -absolute dud ending that unravels so much 
    -editing is kind of weird

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  • The Wedding Singer

    The Wedding Singer

    this has been my rock bottom depression movie for nearly twenty years now and it just gets better every time I watch it

  • Halloween



    The slow pacing, John Carpenter score, and haunting performance by Jamie Lee Curtis still blows me away. This movie remains creepy as hell for every generation who watches it.