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  • Born in Flames
  • Green Snake
  • A Moment of Innocence
  • Love and Anarchy

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  • The Tenant


  • The Sect


  • The Boxer's Omen


  • Session 9


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  • The Many Saints of Newark

    The Many Saints of Newark


    we miserably ate our slop

  • Titane



    to its credit i can’t remember the last time i literally looked away during a scene because i couldn’t bear to witness what was happening (which i did several times), other than that, pretty conceptually bankrupt. i still need and would like to watch raw and it was a crazy movie to watch in theatres. pointless to try and look at any of the themes seriously. feels foolish to think a movie where murder is treated without gravity for shock value could turn around and tell you something profound about grief.

Popular reviews

  • Ema



    not good! too many characters and conflicts who are given little exposition (the sister? the main conflict revolves around Palo, but when he actually enters the story there is really no resolution to what spurred the initial conflict? at all???)

    the flamethrowers (and monologues about reggaeton and respectability, for that matter) seem like an attempt to evoke struggle which falls completely flat with the lack of depth and obvious wealth of the characters, laying bare the fact that this is…

  • The Bloodettes

    The Bloodettes


    so this was anarchy but i had a good time
    enough conceptual brilliance and delightful moments of scheming and/or homoeroticism that i did not care that it didn't always make much sense
    the dancing and fighting sequences and all the edits are amazing
    i love that they facetime on a nokia, and that politicians are vampires, and the power of gossip, and the billboards
    just great