Sexy Sisters ★★

The Year of Franco #75

The ever-vibrant Pam Stanford and her co-conspirators keep her heiress little sister Karine Gambier chained up in bed and on drugs to drive her crazy so the will is annulled and she gets the money to herself. But that's not all, the drugs are designer-level aphrodisiacs that keep little sis in a deranging state of arousal which gets big sis off as part of a dysfunctional dynamic they've had since they were kids. Oh and the schemers are all part of some Bastian zombie cult?

Insufferable horndogs Franco and Dietrich have nothing better to do than rejig the same old material, a little bit of Nightmares Come at Night's doctor-patient diabolism, but mainly the familial bind of Doriana Grey which in itself was already a reworking of the theme of the induced deleteriousness of lust. The prior film was smarter, prettier and Jessier. This one skirts around ideas of the vacillation of early childhood trauma combining abuse with the erotic leading to schizophrenic tendencies, before collapsing into a disconcertingly heteronormative denouement that led Thrower to believe this has a lot more of Dietrich's paw-prints all over it than Franco's. I personally think all of Franco's films of this era are hopelessly subsumed within the Dietrich void, and my biggest issue with it, as with White Skin Black Thighs for example, is that it seeks to grapple with dark psychological subject matter all the while couching it in 'adult' genre tack. It's a bad clash which renders the heaviness ineffectual, at worst offensive, and any plausibly intentional humour falls flat in an ugly way, including not one but two rape scenes, one involving man-mountain Eric Falk coming back from the dead voodoo-style. Believe me, it doesn't play as batshit as that sounds.

Unimaginatively filmed, unsexy, unfunny, muddled, dumb, but spotting the vintage car from Rolls Royce Baby may reward the eagle-eyed.

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