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  • Jackie



    I'm very taken with Pablo Larraín's doom-laden idiot glam retellings of women in history driven to madness by the pantomime of politics, as performed by aliens.

  • Le Pont du Nord

    Le Pont du Nord


    spider web gun, metal slide dragon, tactical espionage action.

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  • Titane


    There was a lot to enjoy in Raw despite its reliance on contrived aesthetics and simple metaphors about gender and sex, especially in the excitement and relative lightness with which the body horror was portrayed that allows it to function as a comedy of twisted corporeal pleasures in spite of Ducournau's formal grasps at intellectualism, a grasp that seems to have taken center stage here to the extent that, despite frequently allotted moments of "disturbing body horror", nothing is ever…

  • Halloween



    The common proclamation that contemporary horror's great issue is its focus on trauma has always been a bit ridiculous if you've seen enough films (like 10) in the genre to know it has always been one of its most intrinsic elements. Horror's modern blight isn't in its textual content but in its textual expression, complex human issues reduced to signifiers, haphazardly inscribed upon a films text with the knowledge that there will always be an audience ready to swallow up…