Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

I was very open to absolutely loving this, it just didn't land. It's commendable that Zack Snyder released this and the Snyder Cut in the same half year, considering both movies involved re-edits and reshoots thanks to cancelled people involved. The concept is a lot of fun, and Snyder actually manages to change up some of his signature stylization in some beneficial ways. While there is still slo-motion in the movie, it is no longer ultra-slow and stylized combined with sped up action. He does go back to using cover songs throughout the movie, but does it much better than Sucker Punch, which was quite jarring. The big problems are that he doesn't seem to know how to direct comedy, a lot of jokes are flat, and if they are good on paper they fall flat in the edit. The acting is pretty bad for a lot of the actors, and it really seems like it wasn't their fault but the director choosing takes with over-acting throughout the movie. It's still an entertaining movie although I wanted to like it more. I liked the opening scene quite a bit, but I knew this wasn't going to be a good movie the second Sean Spicer showed up.

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