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if ur here looking for actual reviews i would like to apologise in advance

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  • 1917


    disclaimer: i have only seen roughly the first 45 (?) minutes of this movie. i'm sure i'll watch the rest eventually, but for now, i present you with my story. please be respectful, as this is very personal to me.

    walking into the cinema, i wasn’t too hyped about the whole ‘no cuts/real time’ shtick this movie was promoting. social media and other reviews i'd read on here had the tendency to focus entirely on the gimmick and ignore…

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  • Annabelle Comes Home

    Annabelle Comes Home


    felt like i was watching people walk through a haunted house/escape room at some points it was so much fun :-)

  • Annabelle



    the fact that the satan cult girl died holding the annabelle doll and the woman was like okay throw it away but then it reappears in the house and she’s like on second thought let’s keep it ❤️

    What is wrong with you.

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