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This review may contain spoilers.

i am a Lesbian.... a Female Homosexual....

this film was so hyped up for me i thought i'd be disappointed but it somehow managed to completely exceed every single one of my expectations.

considering this is a yorgos lanthimos film, it was refreshing to see see a contrast from the usual monotonous line deliveries. emma stone and rachel weisz played some of their greatest roles to date.

the ending really stuck with me though??? i just sat in the dark for 5 minutes afterwards just thinking about what happened, and what could happen after. the fact that after queen anne got rid of sarah (or rather, abigail did), she realised that she should have actually listened to her. now she's alone, and no one truly loves her like sarah did, and all she has are her rabbits - a symbol of her past traumas. so she's just left there to sort of dwell on it?? idk that just.... hit me Hard for some reason holy shit.

as much as emma stone's character infuriated me, i still want her to crush me like she (almost) crushed that rabbit 😍

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