Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ★★½

Literally all through the the movie I was thinking to myself “huh, the dialogue and blocking really reminds me of a play, almost like something our school would have performed at one acts”
And then the credits role and low and behold it was based on a play lol.

Despite how good Chadwick Bosman and Viola Davis are, for me it just can’t justify how awkward and sloppy so much of this movie felt. Scenes just begin and end and by the time they’re done they seemingly have had no impact on the overall movie. Things just happen. None of it (for me at least) felt like it served an overall greater message or theme, it just kinda felt like characters having mini monologues about various societal and personal issues and then the movie ends. Also for a movie literally called “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”, Ma Rainey is probably only in about 40% of the movie. Idk, totally did not work for me, but check it out for the performances 👌🏼

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