Grease ★★★½

Is this the original High School Musical?!

This movie isn’t the pristine classic you remember. It has high highs and low lows. Let’s start with the highest of highs, the reason why we still talk about this movie, the musical numbers. Every single one of these songs is a timeless standard. Every single song is catchy af and beloved by millions. (I haven’t stopped singing we go together since I left the theatre.) Other good parts are the beautiful cars, the race sequence, the choreography, and the design behind the musical numbers. My favorite scene has to be the montage of Danny trying out different sports. Travolta and Newton-John kill it with their performances and character swagger... not to mention their faces, voices, and dance moves. 

Between the good and the bad is the style of it all. This movie is a lot more awkward, raunchy, vulgar, and campy than people give it credit for. Definitely not a kids movie. And there are several parts where I wonder if the director was being emotionally serious or was pulling a joke. 

There are also a lot of things wrong with this film. For starters, every character is insufferable, one-dimensional, and played by actors who are clearly too old for the parts. I hate that everything that drives the men is sex and everything that drives the girls is the men. And it leaves the audience with horrible lessons and takeaways.

Also the pacing of everything is uncomfortably slow and boring at parts. This movie could have cut out the whole show filming sequence and be missing nothing. I definitely don’t feel like a full school year has gone by at the end of the movie. 

Lastly, most of the times the characters went into song felt awkward and forced... like the moment didn’t exactly flow together and some random person just started singing. 

Still, I’ll watch this a thousand more times before I die cause, well, grease is the word.

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