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  • Disclosure



    I have lived as a trans woman, as of the first of this month, for a full year. And I have been exhausted ever since then. I’ve been exhausted because I’ve been deadnamed, I’ve been misgendered, I’ve been stereotyped, I’ve been judged, I’ve been insulted. I’ve been the subject of aggression, micro and macro. But I’ve been exhausted because additionally, I know it’s not just me. Everyone like me, man and woman, between and nothing, and non-conforming, has been dissected.…

  • Laurence Anyways

    Laurence Anyways


    This is the last time I write these kinds of words. This is the last time I give you all the yada yada about questioning my gender identity, and the whole spiel about how I envy women and think I want to be one, and the entire gist about how I don’t and haven’t felt right in this body for a long time. This is the last time I put you through any of that. I ask nothing more of…

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  • Nightmare



    Used toilet textures but not for excrement. More of the pollution of nosebleeds in the plumbing. All of this reeks and feels like it needs to be washed out and replaced. A fragmentation of some Monkey's Paw parable that doubles as dirtiness and sleep paralysis. Mind those P's and Q's.

  • Good Morning

    Good Morning


    A guess on family: the money makes the bed, the tradition makes for rest. Leagues of difference are crisp. The reason the two houses may never see eye-to-eye is for the reason that there is descent and the truth of living in an entirely new time.

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  • Her



    people say you can’t see scarlett johansson in this movie but parts of it were shot in shanghai and you can clearly see she played all the asian people in the background

  • Tall Girl

    Tall Girl

    so happy that movies like this exist to remind us of the struggles of marginalized groups like tall white girls 💕