Before Sunset ★★★★★

There are few scenes, and few build-ups, better than the moments leading up to and the moment when Celine finally breaks. That moment that the veil is finally, violently, pulled away and everything flows out in a way that's near visceral. It's almost frightening. Frightening because it feels like the first time in the movie that the illusion of reunion is ripped away and all of the reality of the connection boils to the surface. Celine was no longer the one that got away. She was the one that was left. She was the one that was hurt. And when we're hurt, we put up fronts. And in that moment in the backseat when Celine creates a quiet explosion of words that seems so unexpected in the moment, that front falls. It's heartbreaking but it's real. It remembers the dreams, but it shows what it's like to finally wake up and mourn them as the memory fades.

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