Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

Just like any other Tarantino film, it gets better and better every time you watch it. I gave this film a four and a half star review the first time I watched it only because I had a real issue understanding it's purpose other than to show this time period and the rift in time. The first time I thought it ran on a little too long and didn't "do" enough to get a full five stars. To that man, I say watch it again. I understand every decision Tarantino made with this film so much better on the second watch. Sharon Tate is the essence of 1969 Hollywood and that is all Tarantino allows her to be. It is such a respectful film, and even my original issue with the Bruce Lee scene, I came back and appreciate it as something other than a way to make fun of a deceased guy. It's more of the ego of Hollywood and Tarantino doesn't hold too long on Lee's ego and even shows some great separate sequences that subtly include him. I had so much more fun watching it this time and think that Brad Pitt and DiCaprio both deserve the nominations they received and Pitt is more than likely going to take the Oscar on Sunday and for good reason. There are so many intense sequences that (although lead to false climaxes) make the finale so much grander than it could have been.

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