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  • Battling Marshal

    Battling Marshal


    This abysmal Sunset Carson western was made in 1947, but not released until after his movie career was pretty much over three years later. Shot by Oliver Drake at his ranch with one of the thinnest casts I've seen as far as name recognition goes, even going by poverty row western standards. Just about nothing appealed about this amateur production.

  • Pups Alone

    Pups Alone


    Pups Alone (2021) managed to make the new Home Alone remake feel like a classic! Every "comic" moment managed to make this increasingly awkwardly and bad. Must have been deliberate, right?1

  • Man Equals Man

    Man Equals Man


    Here's a curio. A single angle 2-fps capture of a German play which had Peter Lorre in the line-up. Too painful to watch to get any joy out of it.

  • Test Tube Babies

    Test Tube Babies


    Shitty no-budget exploitation movie on such a shocking subject as Test Tube Babies (1948) using mostly non-actors. This was more sterile than the man in the film. They tried to spice it up with some stripping and chick fights for no apparent reason, but it was so poorly done it only put more of a damper to this boring mess.

  • Cheat the Hangman

    Cheat the Hangman


    Christopher Forbes, the master of crappy amateur westerns!

  • 3 Tickets to Paradise

    3 Tickets to Paradise


    Just a incredibly lame idea.

  • Circle Canyon

    Circle Canyon


    Just think, at one point John Wayne's career was at such a low-point that he had to remake a stinker like Buddy Roosevelt's Circle Canyon (1933). When you see the original, you won't be surprised why John Wayne's Neath the Arizona Skies (1934) was among his worst. Roosevelt had one bigger problem than Wayne. His film was directed by Victor Adamson. Probable the feature film director responsible for the most bottom score films I've seen. And this expands on that trend.

  • Trouble At Melody Mesa

    Trouble At Melody Mesa


    A nothing western. And the producers knew it, which is why its release was delayed 5 years! The key "stars" where had long since abandoned Hollywood to never return again. Top billing goes to Brad King, who had 15 seconds of fame as a disappointing replacement for Lucky in the Hopalong Cassidy film series, and the brothers Cal Shrum & Walt Shrum, had bigger success in the music business. So the music in this movie was probable fine, but it was such a dead production that everything felt rotten.

  • Incident at Guilt Ridge

    Incident at Guilt Ridge


    This was one of the shorter modern westerns I had lined-up, but I was contemplating leaving this one behind because it was dragging the hell out of the little story there was. I'm used to watching a lot of bad films, and considering turning them off not something that happens often. Just a uninteresting piece of crap.

  • Once Upon a Time in Tombstone

    Once Upon a Time in Tombstone


    If Once Upon a Time in Tombstone (2020) is anything to go by, Tombstone must have been one of the most boring towns in American history. From the same guys that brought us that "exceptional" biopic of The Dalton Gang (2020).

  • The Dalton Gang

    The Dalton Gang


    If you ever wanted to watch a film about the life of The Dalton Gang (2020), this is not it. Avoid like a plague.

  • Texas Red

    Texas Red


    One would think making a movie about racial unjust would be the simplest thing to do, but here comes Texas Red (2021) and completely misses the mood.