My Beautiful Laundrette

My Beautiful Laundrette ★★★★½

when i'm old i'm gonna be like Omar's dad and lie in bed depressed endlessly drinking vodka except for the handful of occasions a year i can be bothered to get up, when i'll get dressed to the absolute 9s and be incredibly condescending to everyone i encounter

this film is flawed but brilliant. a low budget made-for-tv movie that managed to capture sublime beauty and achieve unanimous critical acclaim. bravo!

it feels simultaneously gritty and dreamlike. simultaneously incredibly modern and deeply 80s/thatcherite. the minor characters are very memorable plus the romance feels steamier than pretty much anything else i can think of

yeah the plot is quite hard to follow despite not being particularly complicated, the ending isn't that satisfying, and i even fell asleep near the start, but i'm still gonna look into buying an arty 'my beautiful laundrette' poster for my room and try watching this again with the gf post-haste!

definitely makes the list of the UK's greatest films. somewhere between a hard day's night and trainspotting