Flypaper ★★★

This is a huge contrast to the last movie I watched, Mulholland Drive, in that this one is the most fun if you don't analyze it too much. :-) It's a light, silly heist movie with a fun mystery that's really enjoyable to watch unravel. The characters are entertaining, if none of them is very deeply developed. It's a very fun fluffy hour and a half.

How it entered my Flickchart:
Flypaper > The Core
Flypaper < Sleeping Beauty
Flypaper < An Affair to Remember
Flypaper > Apollo 13
Flypaper > The Dresser
Flypaper < Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Flypaper < Wreck-It Ralph
Flypaper > National Lampoon's Vacation
Flypaper < The Magnificent Ambersons
Flypaper < The Kid
Flypaper > The Hangover
Final spot: #915 out of 2280, right above The Hangover, which is really fun because apparently the writers for this are the same as they are for The Hangover. So apparently their writing is similarly interesting for me here.