Arrival ★★★★★

Arrival had me locked in from frame one and never let go, while this is an alien invasion movie and we have worldwide stakes at play, this is when it comes down to it a character piece of Dr. Louise Banks: a linguist professor at a university who is tasked by the government to understand and find out want these aliens what from learning their language when they arrive.

Villeneuve is a master of building tension in modern cinema and he performs beautifully in Arrival with tension filled sequences without a single punch or gun shot on-screen.

While this movie is slow paced and deliberately so but there's more than enough to feast your eyes with Bradford Young's cinematography making this Villeneuve's most beautiful film which is a huge feat when 3 of them were shot by Roger Deakins.

Amy Adams goes for the Oscar and she completely deserves here, surprisingly Jeremy Renner is also great here too and I could see a Oscar nom for him too.

I think your overall thoughts on Arrival will depend on the ending which I've already seen divide people and I absolutely loved it, it is an ending which teaches us to savour every moment in life even if you know that the happiness and joy you feel is temporary.

And as Denis Villeneuve films go, this is another film which will have you thinking about it way outside of the cinema. This movie is some powerful shit.

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