Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods ★★★★½

spike might've hit a new prime with this and blackkklansman back to back. while i do prefer the latter in terms of the fun of that particular story, this is so much more strong in terms of writing in character and themes. does take a bit of time to get going with its first act but once it delves deep in its direction and story, this is some of spike's best work. effortlessly using the vietnam war to springboard to the past and current struggle of black people giving so much to a country that hasn't given anything back and the trauma that causes to them and others around them including the vietnamese people they were fighting. delroy lindo needs major awards recognition for his role here and humanising a character that could've easily been played as a laugh and the use of marvin gaye throughout is just beautiful considering most of the songs are off the "what's going on" album made based of a vietnam vet coming back to america and seeing the same injustice.

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