Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★½

Congrats to Spielberg for being the first elderly member to understand the relationship between the internet and the younger generation and makes a whole movie around the idea with that classic Spielberg blockbuster direction. This man should never retire, fuck.

I think this movie has problems with thin characters, stereotypical characters, some bad dialogue and some really overbearing exposition but that Spielberg magic really pulls this thing together and makes it consistently entertaining to the point where the flaws feel invisible. 

Also it’s the best portrayal I’ve seen of the social media generation, it understands that kids aren’t robots attached to their devices but it’s almost a sort of coping mechanism to forget about their problems and what they may lack as a person to interact with people like themselves, to the point where that online world is their reality. It’s honestly made more for teenagers rather than middle aged nerds who’s personality is only 80s references.

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