Skate Kitchen

Skate Kitchen ★★★★★

i don't know where to start with this and but i'll probably say how much i loved and related to it and draw weird parallels with my life while airing out some trauma like i do with these letterboxd things regularly but before i do, i just want to take time to be in awe i was of this film as an experience.

this is one of those rare movies where i can just disappear into it's world, i'm not thinking about camera placements, sound design or whatever film nerdy stuff but the aesthetic is just so compelling. there's just such a feeling of freedom and joy in it which anyone who's just been roaming round their city with people that they love and don't judge them has felt. this energy is just felt through the soundtrack, visuals and just every ascept of the finally feels specifically tinkered to do this but yet it's still so freeflowing and just feels like someone decided to film a bunch of skater kids having fun rather than making a movie and that's always a great feeling which skate kitchen delivers while having an extremely likable cast just oozing with chemistry and genuine arcs and character development which these slice of life movies sometimes forget when creating an atmosphere. (and also finally some on-screen representation for the suburb kids who have to do 1hr treks into the city to hang out with people bc their ends are dead, we are valid)

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