Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★★

The spasm provoked by a chill shooting down your spine - in a capsule, that’s Buffalo ‘66. Its throughline is reactionary, a defense mechanism to shield the vulnerability, the momentum lodged in the feral emotions that cultivate themselves over time and through the willful, needed, neglect of experience. 

What’s striking is, of course, the contradiction. A joyous embrace of the now alongside further compartmentalizations of traumas. Two people seeking the unknowable affection in their reflections. The tragedy is beautiful, the joy is dampening, the hope is too abrupt, and that inclination for finality is simply a never- ending image of seeing yourself in serenity. 

How magical realism is more telling of character than any exposition or performance is always an enrapturing hallucination. As you can tell, I’m floating.