Kajillionaire ★★★★½

This film tackles the concept of Affection.

Old Dolio has never experienced affection. Her parents never loved her and even her birth is surrounded by necessity and not love. She learned to forge cheques before she learned to write. Her parents used her to get money from rich folks and named her after someone winning the lottery in the hopes of getting some of it. She was taught to always take and never give.

Her parents never once cuddle her, call her sweet names, or even treated her like a human being. So by the time the film starts, Old Dolio is a weird emotionless woman, broken to the point that any human contact is foreign to her.

This film slowly nutures us to this strange women while at the same time nurtures her into wanting affection.

This film is one that I don't connect to at all. I can't explain it but watching someone so deprived of human emotion finally realize what it is like to have affection, is extremely powerful to me.

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