Nobody's Fool ★★★★★

With Day 5 comes a comedic character study featuring one of my all-time favorite performances by one of my all-time favorite performers, 1994’s NOBODY’S FOOL!

(Watch the trailer up there in today’s stories!) Paul Newman plays a smart-ass, stubborn old bastard who suddenly has his estranged son and grandsons back in his life. Realizing he’s past his prime he begins to see the positives in living a more altruistic life.

Newman’s charm and wit that made him one of the biggest stars in Hollywood for a long time is on full display here. Empire magazine called the film a "mesmerizing, magical portrait of smalltown America, dominated by a performance from Paul Newman so outstanding it must surely make him front-runner to hoist the Best Actor statuette come Oscar night.” Newman eventually lost the Oscar to Tom “Corona Gawd“ Hanks in FORREST GUMP, but Newman’s performance here is so subtle, affecting, funny, and heartbreaking it should’ve been an easy victory for him. C’est la vie. I hope you all enjoy!

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