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This review may contain spoilers.

Apparently one of the features of Letterboxd Pro is you get to see the directors you've watched the most in the year so far. And guess who's at the top of my list? THAT'S RIGHT, FRIENDS: Mr. Zack Snyder, the director I probably bitch about the most.

For the most part I was looking forward to Army of The Dead, mostly because Snyder's best film was actually his first: the remake of George Romero's Dawn of The Dead. Also, Zack Snyder's Justice League was better than expected. I know people have been piling hatred on AoTD, but honestly? It think it's fine.

It's got some moments, I'll say as much. In true Snyder fashion, the strongest thing in this film is the opening credits montage. The first foray into Las Vegas up to the first victim had me hooked, then it once again became a generic action film. Bianca asked me at one point, "who do you think will survive?"

"They'll all die," I answered, "and the virus will get out. It's that kind of movie."

Because, like I said in my last Snyder Review, Snyder always gets in the way of Snyder. He always makes these unmotivated visual decisions, chief of which this time around is to always use a telephoto lens with extremely shallow focus, making it look most of the time like this thing was shot on a Canon 5D. His music choices are always too obvious yet feel completely out of place, signaling the setting of the movie with "Viva Las Vegas" and ending it with... "Zombie". The film is yet again bloated and too long without really saying much, then just laying it on thick with unearned displays of emotion. "I wasn't mad because you stabbed mom in the head, I was mad because you were distant", Kate tells Batista at one point in the film (i'm paraphrasing), except we do see him stab mom in the head, and don't see him being distant to her at all afterwards. "I'm not here for the money! I'm here to rekindle what we had!" Maria tells him later on (I’m paraphrasing), and they have a tender moment before her neck gets snapped by zombies. And yet, for some inexplicable reason, in the 2 hours it took for them to get to that moment we had NO IDEA that there was even romance between these two.

And I'm gonna stop there. I've written too many goddamn things about Zack Snyder this year. It ends now.

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