After ★★½

This is not a 1.6 avg film. I think IMDB is closer with a 2.65. It's certainly YA and melodramatic, but not incompetent. It's not The Asylum. The acting is above average for YA. Cinematography was average. Soundtrack above average, really enjoyed most of the choices. One slightly out of place track though.

Direction or editing stumbled in the sexual scenes, but was otherwise decent. Felt like maybe chunks were cut out to keep it PG-13. Or the storyboard really fubar'd, thinking 'less is more' instead of taking the time to lay out scenes that stay within the rating boundary, but provide a full experience.

Overall, the film hits too many cliches and is a bit too light on character development to be considered above average, but isn't harmful either. A light effort YA rom watch.

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