Ride or Die

Ride or Die ★★★★

this is kind of bad and obviously written and directed by a fucking man BUT i am giving it 4 stars and it's kind of a stretch but omg NO ONE knows how much kiko mizuhara being unashamedly gay means to me. kiko mizuhara driving. kiko mizuhara being a doctor. kiko mizuhara killing a man. kiko mizuhara dripping in blood. kiko mizuhara drinking a shot of tequila. kiko mizuhara holding a woman!!! anyway i'll probably watch it like 4 more times because she looked completely unreal throughout the whole fucking movie and im very gay.
in other news, it also AMAZES me how the fuck does any guy in this film think someone that looks like kiko mizuhara could be interested in them honestly AND also when that woman says she realized she was glad to be born a gay woman when she went out with kiko bitch i would be too okay have you fucking SEEN HER i would be praying everyday to her for real.
i wanna add something else that nobody asked me to okay BUT bitch i was paying ATTENTION at kiko in every kiss scene and also that sex scene..... kiko mizuhara is this your first rodeo...or not? do you know how to kiss woman or is it just my please be gaydar malfunctioning....
fun story i lived in japan for a year (2019) and one night while i was partying with my friends at nichome (tokyo's gay district) we fucking SAW and i can stress this enough because i actually motherfucking really saw kiko mizuhara at like 2 mts away from me (with harry styles btw but i couldn't care less) coming out of a lgbt club and this review is just an excuse to tell u guys that i saw kiko mizuhara in a gay district and she looked unreal and i am telling you this because i can and because KIKO MIZUHARA LESBIAN MAN MURDERER.
lastly sion sono if you are by any chance reading this please cast my girl in any of your films i know you'll do a good job with her okay let's get her career rolling i need to watch more films just for the sake of staring at the prettiest woman on earth. bye. im done fangirling for today.