Stronger ★★★½

David Gordon Green's Stronger is a more thoughtful and sophisticated film, which has the guts to admit that nobody won that day and addresses the subject of human frailty -- in many forms -- in a distinctly un-Hollywood way. Never manipulative yet always captivating, this portrait of one ordinary man is an extraordinary motion picture. The road to recovery is filled with both the good and bad sides of Jeff Bauman, and thankfully so, as that's what makes a biopic truly captivating. The boldest thing Stronger does is trust enough in Maslany's performance and in the writing of her character to allow Erin to do something that a lesser movie would never even attempt.

Gyllenhaal has rarely been better. It is seriously embarrassing that he has only been nominated for an Oscar once in his entire career. He should have been nominated at least 5 times by now.