Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

I'll let the terrible covers to classic songs slide for now but the rest was a lot of fun. I genuinely do understand some people's criticisms with this film, however, Zack Snyder is a total chad and makes a living off pissing off toxic whiney ass fanboys so I'll always be a fan. Is Batman shooting people kind of dumb and betraying the character a bit? Maybe. Is it hilarious? Yes! Even when something in his film doesn't work, it's rare to see an auteur be able to make comic films or ones of this scale anymore.

There are some amazing action sequences, the most likely CGI blood and gore actually didn't bother me and almost nearly looks practical which is rare. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a mixture of both practical and CGI which might explain why it doesn't look terrible. Overall I pretty much got everything I wanted out of it, I'm not really sure what some people were expecting. The guns have like no recoil and seem like toys but fuck it i had a good time still. It definitely is one of the most original and fun zombie movies in quite some time. I liked this more than Train to Buscan honestly.

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