Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

I cannot wait to read the novel coming in july .
The history of everything surrounding the film ,story and time period it’s taking place in is god damn astonishing.
Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is a love letter not only to cinema of that period but it’s a love letter to all of cinema .
2019 might be the end of what we knew films to be and this film gives many metaphors about endings ,even tho he beautifully changes Sharon Tate’s tragic real life ending.
He gives Manson nothing (in the film I hope he’s expanded more in the novel) in the film and changes history in a way were Manson is just exactly what he is ...A crazy criminal/hippie.
What he did changed a lot of things and the media slash courtsystem took full advantage of everything and blew everything out of proportion,giving Charlie fame.
The era of the late 60s Early 70s is amazing .
The Graduate and Bonnie & Clyde broke barriers and then ....
Easy rider comes out in 1969 and changes Hollywood in a huge way and in the way we look back it ,for the better at the time .
Rick Dalton is a man that is gone ,Cliff Booth is definitely out of a job in 2021 and Hollywood is not pumping out Constance classics ,experimental films,directors films ,films that pushed the limits and broke grounds and changed in a huge way that affected people like Quentin .
Hollywood the film is a big circle game of Hollywood knowledge ,history and film love .
It personally inspired me to watch so many films I haven’t seen and it adds the methos of everything .
Rick Dalton is pretty much Burt Reynolds and Steve Mcqueen (who supposedly search for the killers of the victims that hot august)and Cliff Booth is pretty much Burts Stunt double turned director Hal Needham and BILLY JACK !
FBI is a real show the Burt starred in 
Moving Target is the car chase 
Sergio corbucci love in the poster 
Phil Karlsons Wrecking Crew
The soundtrack is phenomenal on every level .
If only the ending were real and Hollywood’s future looked bright like it does for Rick at the end of Once Upon A Time ...In Hollywood.
..........Also theres Brandy .

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