rural life in Asia

todo: maybe need to combine this list with ‘wind chimes from a rural home’...

at the moment, this is more focused on the atmosphere of an entire small town or village in rural Asia, a general sense of rural small town upbringing, and less of a personal story, which is often limited to the confines of a house, which currently makes up that other list.

the Japanese films and culture are often far more house-oriented, whereas the Taiwanese films and culture are often far more area-oriented

possible sources:

  • The Green, Green Grass of Home
  • A Summer at Grandpa's
  • Growing Up
  • A Gentle Breeze in the Village
  • Lovable You
  • Suzaku
  • Play While You Play
  • Going My Home
  • Village of Dreams
  • Village Rockstars
  • Bulbul Can Sing
  • Nostalgia for the Countryside