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  • The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

    The Strange Love of Martha Ivers


    What an ending! A surprisingly honest portrayal of the ugliness of class ambition and a bad marriage. The story really keeps you guessing. Barbara Stanwyck and Kirk Douglas are so good. Van Heflin is merely adequate, but the movie has real impact nonetheless.

  • California Split

    California Split


    RIP George Segal. This seems like Altman’s caustic answer to The Sting. Amazing how grungy the 70s look and how desperate and sad the far-out California scene seems just as in The Long Goodbye. It’s fun to hang out with Segal and Gould, and the end really hits you hard.

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  • Murder by Contract

    Murder by Contract


    What a great movie! So powerful in its understatement, both in terms of performances and film style. The murders are so efficiently shot. Reminded me of Le Notte. The guitar score brings the Third Man to mind. quite unforgettable. Glad to tick this one off my list.

  • FTA



    I had never heard of the Free the Army tour and I was blown away by the audacity of it. To tour active army bases during the Vietnam war and try to convince soldiers not to fight seems almost unimaginable today. Really interesting to see all those bases in Asia that have been closed--Subic Bay, Okinawa. The performances of the FTA show are what you might expect, folk singing and reciting anti-war poems and stories, but when the troupe promotes…