Possessor ★★★★★

Rewatched with the fam while eating tasty delicious food as we watch a movie that reminds me of Ghost of the Shell. 

A great examination at the horror of government corporations. How they control individuals as a means to an end. Forcing individuals to sacrifice their little agency to be the governments hidden eyes and ears. Constantly watching audiences. Engaging in voyeurism like behavior. Manipulating others by possessing part of their lives. Navigating through the world by viewing people as a means to give your life validation. Validation that is demanded due to one lacking a sense of self. A self that is lost in the shells of the multiple identities that causes one to have the inability to understand the world that is controlled. 

Something I noticed this time is how the color palette is used to show further distortions in ones mind. How two sides of their mind is fighting for control. One side demanding control over someone else. Another side demanding to sacrifice itself as a tool for a larger power. That is greatly enhanced with a score that can come off as evangelical at times. 
So much of movie captures the anxiety one feels when in a new setting and when they try to pretend to be someone they are not. They way institutions figure out how to embody soul to use them as a means to further their own objectives. How so many of these things make people confused about how they express their gender behavior. The way they have to adapt to specific gender norms in order to not be classified as odd. So much of this is such a creepy confused exploration of the soul. 

Now that I type this out, this would be a great double feature with Soul. 😲🤭😨🌚

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