Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light

Grade: Terrible (1 out of 5)

Bruce Springsteen is my favorite musician. I love every album, every tour, and every word. I would gladly classify myself as a fanatic.

With that said, Blinded by the Light is a mess. The movie does not know what it wants to be nor does it know how it wants to tell the story. Narrative tools are used and then forgotten, poignant story themes are brought up and set aside for clumsy musical numbers, and worst of all the main character comes off as a deranged and overly sentimental fanatic. Even the cliches, which infest the movie, are poorly done.

Blinded by the Light sings its themes, but rarely supports those themes with screen time. The few times that the movie does show rather than tell, with scenes like the mother pawning her jewelry or the wedding party clashing with white supremacists, it is a painful tease of how great this movie could have been.

But hey, the music is righteous.

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