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  • Soul



    Soft ending, shoulda gone bittersweet

  • Mank



    Roma II: a pretty black&white piece of garbage that’s uninteresting to everyone except the guy who made it.  Don’t direct a script by your dad.

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  • Domino



    DePalma’s still got it!

  • Wind River

    Wind River


    extraordinarily heavy-handed, lacking any shred of nuance or subtlety, and featuring such laughably on-the-nose dialogue, it sometimes reminded me of a south park parody.

    i really enjoyed 'hell or high water' and 'sicario', so i had high hopes for this, but you know what you're in for as soon as the v.o. pipes in reciting some ridiculous poem over the opening frames. the setting is unique and there was a real opportunity to parse something interesting and rarely-explored, but that…