Constantine ★★★

Constantine starring Keanu Reeves as the bad ass, chain smoking, exorcist has become alerted that danger may soon plague the world after performing an exorcism on a little girl who had a demon trying to escape out of her. Constantine believes that there is a greater threat to the real world and that the balance of Heaven, Hell and Earth have been shifted. Holy rules broken and a possible end of the earth. The only one up for the job is the man who already knows he's doomed to hell.

Now Constantine was one of those films i remember watching when i was younger. Back then i really did enjoy it so can i say the same now? Well lets talk about a few things. The acting though Keanu Reeves can do an amazing job i feel Constantine wouldn't be a film to prove it. Though i won't fully discredit the acting it just seemed that Keanu was off in some parts. Another thing would have to be some of the scenes feeling rushed and not really well thought through. A good example is when Shia Lebeouf saves Keanu's life by shooting the demon directly in front of Keanu... with a shotgun directly from behind Keanu? That left me scratching my head. But as much as the film felt off it did have its perks. The action and effects were surprisingly compared to the rest of the film, extremely well done. Though some scenes seemed off it didn't seem to be a recurring issue. The story actually was good enough for you to want to keep paying attention and the pacing was very good.

Overall Constantine may not be the greatest exorcism/Keanu Reeves film but it certainly is far from terrible. I said earlier that when i was younger i very much enjoyed the film and even today i still enjoy it even with its somewhat off putting flaws.