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  • The Guilt of Janet Ames

    The Guilt of Janet Ames


    Creates a dreamy psychological atmosphere of a woman whose husband died in World War II and addresses connections between loss and guilt. It was part of a trend in movies of that era that you could see in films as varied as "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Act of Violence" in which the characters struggle with the aftermath of the war and suggests the war left emotional marks on society, even though this also has a patriotic flag-waving message. But…

  • Black Jack

    Black Jack


    Mostly set in a ghost town dealing with the aftermath of betrayal after a bank robbery, "Black Jack" is a Euro-western fueled by its bleak look and nihilistic tendencies. It doesn't really have much to set it apart except the deep level of grimness that permeates it and the level of vengeance that runs through it. Strangling someone with hair on the scalp of one of the victims sort of illustrates the sleaze and psychotic nature of this film which is kind of down my alley.

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  • Zombie Flesh Eaters

    Zombie Flesh Eaters


    One of Lucio Fulci's full-on horror masterpieces. It nails that quality of creating an expectation and then realizing it. That mix of scariness and awe at Fulci's talent has never been better. You just have to tip your hat to his commitment to what he's doing and his ability to carry it through to its logical gory ending. He was the master at this, as evidenced by the infamous eye scene that occurs fairly early so it actually represents a…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    A crew of scientists and assorted oddballs at a US research station in Antarctica confront an alien monster from space introduced into their midst by a cute Husky being chased from above by a couple of crazed Norwegians in a helicopter trying to shoot and kill it. It's such a deceiving setup. That opening segment is what introduces both the monster and the paranoia the monster's going to provoke as the Americans eventually get a handle on why the Hell…