$1,000 on the Black

$1,000 on the Black ★★★★

This was at least arguably a classic because it has so many of the things you love about spaghetti westerns. It checks a lot of boxes and then adds a few of its own. One can't say enough about the designs for some of the sets in this, Gianni Garko's Sartana and his Mayan ruin hideout, and his mom's Gothic inspired house in the town. Sartana's brother is played by Anthony Steffen, which makes two giants of the genre in a brother against brother theme, Garko v Steffen, with the mom in the middle. It's really almost operatic. The theme music is pretty good, especially when it shifts wonderfully from it's original theme with trumpets to a haunting strings with electric guitar as the mom walks down the dusty street of the town with a Winchester. That was pretty damn inspired. Everything is wound together in this film, the exposition, narrative, and imagery, so that it creates one big cosmic spaghetti western tapestry. I wasn't expecting much for a Sunday night with Amazon Prime, but I got a lot more.

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