Stalker ★★

This movie is beautiful, mesmerizing, and thought-provoking.

It is also incredibly frustrating to sit through. This movie is nearly three hours long, when it could have easily been two. The director goes out of his way to make sure the movie runs at a snail's pace. There were several parts of this movie where I struggled to stay awake because it was so unnecessarily long and drawn-out.

I could see myself really loving this movie if so much of it wasn't a waste of fucking time.

I can only imagine what the director was saying to the actors while filming some of this.

"Uh, yeah, so you're going to walk through this tunnel for like 5 minutes, and I'm going to film you throughout the entire walk, but you have to be sure to walk as slow as possible. I want to make sure that the audience is bored to tears by the time you get to the end of this tunnel."

I want my three hours back. Jesus Christ.

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