The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad ★★★★½

What a pleasant surprise this was. Catching this a day earlier in RPX was surely the way to experience this film. Is it wacky and ridiculous? Yes. Did I enjoy my time at the movies ? You bet your ass. 
James Gunn has managed to make another hit and it may be my favorite of his. Now everyone knows the original is absolutely a train wreck but this is definitely it’s own standalone movie. Besides a few other characters from the original, everything is pretty much a new thing. 
Every character from our squad is given just enough screen time to flesh them out which I wasn’t expecting. This film is violent and vulgar and chaotic. To call it entertaining would be and understatement. 
I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from it but I’m glad I decided to seek it out. 
John Cena has really grown as an actor as he excels as the role as peacemaker which makes me so happy. My favorite characters however have to be Bloodsport and Ratcatcher. Did not expect them to have such great chemistry as well as emotional beats to their character. And we finally get our “heroes” having genuine conversations and growing to like one another which seriously lacked in the first. 

This film is violent, ridiculous, absurd, exciting, hilarious and is easily the best DCEU film to date. Now I know that isn’t saying much but it’s great. Was seriously debating to put at 5 but I could do without so many licensed music and some plot points I found to be a bit unnecessary but that doesn’t take away from how great this movie truly is.

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