Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

The movie was good ! It's goddamn Zombie movie, and Zack Snyder gave us something fresh and exiting. Like, the zombies were quite different, not your usual braindeads but rather semi-intelligent with super strength and have their own community in Las Vegas. Alpha Zombie and Zombie queen concept was quite impressive.

The visuals were amazing and the camera movement, CGI, the score , Action was good. Seeing the wonderful colours, different take on Zombie Apocalypse Zack did a pretty good job there.

Yeah I know the plot was a mess in someplaces. Some dialogues were meh. Besides that there are lot of crazy stuffs like UFO, the time loop thing, Robot version of Zombies, Tiger and a horse as a zombie. They have lot to explain in upcoming projects. Overall enjoyable flick.

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