Stalker ★★★★★

A guide ('Stalker' - Kaidanovsky) leads a writer (Solonitsyn) and a professor (Grinko) through a post-apocalyptic wasteland known as 'The Zone', in search of a place known as 'The Room'. It is believed those who enter 'The Room' will have all of their wishes and desires granted.

A densely philosophical, spellbinding, poetic, and deeply affecting sci-fi masterpiece. Like all of Tarkovsky's work, this is a deeply dense and challenging piece, which requires multiple viewings to dissect. It's essentially a journey through hell to find happiness - echoing Dante's 'Inferno' to an extent. 

Brilliantly constructed, this film is loaded with spectacular imagery. The post-apocalyptic wastelands are beautifully staged and photographed - eerily pre-dating the atrocities of Chernobyl. 'Stalker' is a slow-moving, contemplative piece. Full of silences, lurking horrors, rich atmosphere and great performances.

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