Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

this looks like the wedding at the end of shrek!!!

It was cool seeing this in theaters but I'm really torn on this movie. The most I can say is that it's at war with itself? I would have loved to see whatever tone of movie the poster is selling me because this is not it. The first ten minutes sell you on “this will be the coolest thing you've ever seen” but it's not that, in fact I'm pretty sure the biggest action setpieces here are in that opening montage. The grayest movie of all time with neon letters during the opening describes the amount of tonal dissonance here as the movie can't decide whether it wants to be fun action/horror schlock or ultra-serious melodrama.

Snyder is great but I feel like he shouldn't have directed this? It's got a great screenplay elevated by Zack's amazing action scenes but everything outside of it is the most boring thing I've ever seen. There's comedy in this movie and it doesn't hit because everything outside of the action is just... I love you, Zack, but maybe being the cinematographer on this wasn't the best choice? The shallow focus made it feel like there's something wrong with my eyes, it's such a strange choice that he put real effort into making. Like, he made an experimental camera rig to make the movie look bad on purpose. I hope you like the Knightmare Batman and Joker scene from the Snyder Cut because every conversation is directed like that!

This movie feels so unsure of what tone it's going for, whether it wants to be Zombieland or the most dreary and serious thing in the world. It doesn't help that this is Zack's ugliest-looking movie. I just wish it committed to the half of it that's just a Snyderized Zombieland and didn't have the other half of it be a dreary weirdo drama.

I don't know, it's fine. The action is worth it alone but outside of that it's just fine.

This movie is made so much fucking funnier when you realize Tig wasn't there at all and is green-screened in so when she does bits it's like the Nostalgia Critic green-screened into the movie it's SO noticeable.

Oh, also the skinny safe cracker guy should have been played by Jonah Hill. It's still super fun and when it works it really works. I love the kid who should be Jonah Hill and the really philosophical guy getting along and being best friends and I could have used much more of that and less of Tig Notaro leaving for 2 seconds for no reason.

this is suicide squad but good

robot zombies?????

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