Where Is My Friend's House? ★★★★★

A child finds that he has inadvertently taken a friend’s notebook and has to go and return it. Such a simple premise, and yet this movie makes it into an adventure in a way that only a child could perceive it. The adults are unhelpful at best and downright mean at worst, but somehow the child will succeed in making it right for his friend. I think what I liked most about this was how Kiarostami has managed to recall exactly how it is to be a child and has put it on screen in expert fashion - you live in a world that seems enormous despite it not being so, constrained by constant directives from adults who refuse to listen, and everything happening to you feels monumental.

The last five minutes of this had me in tears because Kiarostami had successfully put me in the child’s shoes completely and totally. I remembered exactly how he felt. For someone like me who watches movies for emotional truth and empathy, there is no higher compliment I can give than that.

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