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  • Blue Jasmine

    Blue Jasmine


    Blanchett’s creativity, dynamism and inventiveness almost make this uneven mess cohere. She’s a marvel and so incredibly fun to watch. Supporting characters too schematic and the actors have a hard time overcoming that. Some great moments. I enjoy it even though I often don’t buy it.

  • The Bostonians

    The Bostonians


    Redgrave blazes through the role of Olive Chancellor livening up the proceedings whenever she’s on screen without making the character any easier to cuddle up to. Film itself is handsome but stiff. Love triangle never sparks. Reeve, Potter flat. Film could’ve used more of Redgrave’s emotional and intellectual fire and James’ bite and wit.

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  • Secretary



    Your honor, I’m a freak bitch.

  • Passion Fish

    Passion Fish


    Movies about vivid, complex, interesting women talking and thinking are my idea of heaven and this one’s wonderful. Occasionally prosaic in its rhythms and editing but so tart, warm and funny. McDonnell! Woodard! Strathairn!