Zola ★★★½

Wow I miss vine 🥲

I liked this! But still prefer the book lol.

-Great cast
-Great setting
-Unique concept
-Made me laugh
-Hard to fault a 90 minute movie
-Nicholas Braun

I didn’t think it was as chaotic of energy as the original tweets. I was expecting more of stress level Howard in Uncut Gem’s vibe.

However I also did apperciate the characters feeling a bit more grounded while still being quirky, rather than being total caricatures. 

The ending was a bit abrupt and I’m not sure why some stuff was moved around. I wish there were title cards at the end at least, explaining what happens to everyone like the tweets did.

Would be down for a directors cut, so that we spend more time getting to know the characters.

Still very cool that a movie was made from tweets though and a solid time at the theater.

Also there were so many small details/mannerisms that really made this movie! I think Nicholas Braun throwing his sneakers out of the car onto the ground then putting them on is genius. That’s such a small detail, but 100% something I’ve seen people do after are long car trip, but never in a movie. Incredible.

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