Man in Love

Man in Love ★★★★

it’s true what they say about judging a book by it’s cover. I’m confused as to whether I should hate the trailer for being so misleading or love it for being the reason I got to experience this film. It’s quite different from most Taiwanese films I’ve seen and I do wonder whether this film resonates as much with their audience as it did with me. The colours in this film were captivating and I believe they were a big reason why this film was able to bring out that emotional response in me that was dormant. the direction felt like butter melting on a pan, so smooth, so effortless, never hindering the flow of the film. the story itself, though similar in many aspects to others, stood its ground owing to the beautiful performance by the male lead. Though I may be guilty of being easily emotionally swayed, I have never before felt this need to hold on to hope, to be optimistic as I did with with this film. This review isn’t for others to read or to use a means of determining whether this is worth the watch. This review is so that I can remember the characters, the story  and the experience I had watching this today not as a film student but as the audience.