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  • Glistening Thrills

    Glistening Thrills


    I had the chance to interview Jodie Mack in the latest installment of my experimental filmmaker interview saga for Split Tooth Media. We spoke about the legacy of experimental film and music, the similarities between abstract animation and a sunset, and how any material can be turned into a film.

    Check it out here: www.splittoothmedia.com/jodie-mack/

    We spoke at length about Glistening Thrills (my personal favorite of her films): about how the reflective surfaces of gift wrap create a psychedelic light show, how the film eulogizes her mother's business, and how it was inspired by a bowed vibraphone performance.

  • Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

    Landscape with the Fall of Icarus


    In the latest installment of my Split Tooth Media experimental filmmaker interview saga, I spoke with director Chris Sullivan. We spoke about pushing cinema through the poetics of live performance, the shadow of death, and much more

    Check it out here: www.splittoothmedia.com/chris-sullivan/

    Landscape with the Fall of Icarus is a great example of his fluid, shape shifting style. Each space feels like it is on the edge of either disintegration or explosion. These tense atmospheres amplify the impact of his…

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  • Sink or Swim

    Sink or Swim


    I had the incredible opportunity to interview Su Friedrich for Split Tooth Media to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the initial release of Sink or Swim.

    Check it out here: www.splittoothmedia.com/su-friedrich-interview/

    She is an icon of experimental filmmaking, and Sink or Swim is one of those films that completely redefined how I understood cinema when I first saw it.

    It was an amazing conversation to say the least! We spoke about the challenges of production, her passion for editing, how she approached the reconstruction of memory in the film, and much much more.

  • Son of the White Mare

    Son of the White Mare


    The animation style of Son of the White Mare is honed to a razor's edge.
    The color design is vibrant, rich, and blindingly electrifies each frame. These hues propel a festival of mesmerizing psychedelic effects. The animation looks so liquid and pliable, and this malleability gives each scene a vast potential for transformation. Character designs melt into each other with this extreme intimacy. Every frame is so dense, and this injects a varied textural feeling to the film.
    Son of the White Mare is a strange, emotional, and hypnotic experience.