Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★

Godzilla vs Kong (2021) - Godzilla is pretty cool but I think I would rather have a beer with Kong. The plot is totally nonsensical and involves a lot of mumbo jumbo such as reverse acceleration, but the movie is held together pretty well with action set pieces. One fight in particular, I thought was very dynamic and exciting. The humans are total throwaway characters, and if anything took me out of the film it was the tropey characters; the monster whispering child, the content creator who cares more about his work that what is happening, the overcompensating business tycoon daughter. They're all here! The biggest flaw was the inclusion of many human characters that I don't remember or care about, presumably from the previous films. I think just starting from scratch in the minds of the audience is probably the way to go for these films. I really don't like when stuff happens for no reason such as situations being diffused and new threats coming up at the last minute but if they are going to do so to stage some massive scale fighting then I can overlook some of that. I do find the ending a little bit questionable in this regard though.