Nobody ★★★½

Nobody (2021) - If I were to describe Nobody in one word it would be brutlarious, because there isn't really a single word that fully describes the crossroads of genres that this film represents. The obvious comparison here is going to be John Wick but I think there are shots in Nobody that make John Wick look like that old Smash Bros commercial. The humor is more about the tone of the film rather than specific jokes. Over the top quips punctuate moments throughout the film and the extreme violence is juxtaposed with wholesome empowering music throughout. That kind of thing is pretty common in action films these days, particularly in the super hero genre, but rarely do they take it as far as they do here. A sort of bleak indifference towards human life is used as a comedic vehicle, but so is Christopher Lloyd's elderly shit eating grin. It just has balance that way.